Meet some of our clients

MiQ Private Wealth

We have been clients of the staff at Multum Tech for many years. Andrew and his team have been of excellent service and support to us with great knowledge and skills. We transitioned to Office365 in the last 12 months from a server base environment and it went seamlessly which was due to the knowledge they had of our systems and the pathway going forward on what we wanted to achieve.

- Leanne Watts, MiQ Private Wealth

Complete Dental Wynumm

"We have just recently had this company take over and they have been excellent helping find the solution for our major issues we have been having for such a long time so quickly! Thank you Multum Tech."

- Tori Castner, Complete Dental Wynnum

Complete Dental Wynnum approached Multum Tech in May 2018 due to ongoing issues with connection drop outs between the internet and their two practices. This had been happening for six months, during which time they'd tried to fix the problem with multiple other IT providers, as well as with their ISP. But the random drop outs continued.

When their Lota practise would go offline it resulted in their patient booking system also going offline. For a busy dental practice, this becomes a big problem when they don’t know which patient is walking through the door next!

Within 5 minutes we identified the problem

After listening to the history of the problem and what other IT companies have tried without a resolution we stepped through a number of suggestions that had not been tried before. Due to the frequency of the drop outs we were fortunate to be on-site at a time the connection dropped out. Within five minutes we were able to identify that the router was locking up and becoming unresponsive.

We were also able to review the router’s age, configuration and firmware version and could see that its configuration could be improved, and the firmware needed updating. We made a plan to upgrade the firmware as a first step, and if any further drop outs occurred then we would loan Complete Dental Wynnum a newer model router. Since there'd be downtime with this plan, we returned to the practice outside of business hours later that day to perform the update, so we could minimise any further disruption to the staff's day.

We’re happy to report that since the router firmware was updated and the configuration improved the Lota office has been stable. We have also gone a step further and installed a much needed internet upgrade at both their practices, and also saved them $300 per month by switching to our phone system.


PFG Financial Services

“We have been using the services of Multum Tech for a number of years and have always found them to be very responsive to our needs. The team at Multum are always patient and understanding of the different technical understanding and capabilities of our team members. They talk in a language that can be understood and they always persist to solve any issues as they arise."

- Scott Weeks, PFG Financial Services

"Multum talk in a language that can be understood and they always persist to solve any issues as they arise."