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We provide flexible, responsive and reliable IT support services to Brisbane businesses, helping them to achieve the highest possible outcomes with their technology.


Businesses rely on their IT systems, so partnering with a reliable, knowledgeable IT support team is essential. Multum Tech has provided support services for many small and medium-sized businesses in the Brisbane area for over 20 years.


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Business IT Services and Solutions

We deliver enterprise-level IT support services and solutions for small to medium businesses in Brisbane. We frequently work within the Financial, Medical, Legal and Construction industries and are known for our responsive, professional and knowledgeable approach to all our work.

Our team will work with you to provide your business with the best business IT services and solutions currently on the market.

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Business IT Support Brisbane

Technical IT Advisors

We provide our clients with technical advice across many IT areas, including cyber security, data backups, infrastructure, cloud connectivity and the implementation of new systems.

We also provide onsite and remote advanced technical training to support your business with new technology implementation and ensure that you have efficient processes in place.

Multum Tech’s specialist technical team will work with you to ensure your IT systems are cost-effective and support company growth – the best fit for your business requirements.

Communication and Connectivity

Our team deliver a range of communication and connectivity options to support small businesses. We provide complete IT infrastructure, network solutions and complete digital transformations.

As your IT support partner, we will ensure your systems are well maintained, with comprehensive onsite and remote IT network monitoring, cloud management, server support and ongoing education.

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Business IT Services Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

IT System Audits

Multum Tech provides audits of Brisbane businesses’ current IT systems to be sure that everything is running at optimal levels. We identify and analyse your business needs and recommend support solutions and a support plan to improve your business efficiency.

We take a holistic look at your IT infrastructure, assessing your computer systems and software systems. We also review your current cyber security and data backup procedures and recommend cost-effective solutions that your business can rely on.

Cloud Transformations

Cloud technology is becoming an essential part of business today, delivering agile and scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Multum Tech creates enterprise-level solutions for small businesses that are highly cost-effective, meeting your business requirements as you grow.

We offer extensive services, including migrations, private, public and hybrid cloud storage, and cloud application modernisation. Our support team provide on-premise migrations, encompassing e-mail and file integration.

Data Migration & IT Support Brisbane
IT Mergers and acquisitions Sunshine Coast

Business Continuity Planning

Keeping your business running is imperative for you to meet your business goals. The systems and technology you have in place play a crucial role in ensuring this. Lost data, slow systems and outdated security measures can have impacts ranging from lost productivity to your business’s inability to function.

Having the right support provider will enable your business priorities to be met, and you will have the best structures in place to meet any challenges without downtime or lost productivity.

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Local Business IT Support That Puts Your Needs First

At Multum Tech, we believe in understanding your needs and customising our approach at all times. Our clients value how we listen and ensure that our solutions and support are a perfect fit rather than a generic method that fails to deliver real value.

If you are a Brisbane business looking for a trusted technology partner, Multum Tech can help you. Our highly reliable team of IT support experts will provide you with a comprehensive service ensuring that your IT network, cloud services and systems are all taken care of.

Business IT Support Sunshine Coast

What we do.

For over 20 years we’ve been solving IT problems for small to medium sized businesses in Brisbane. We have a large number of clients that regularly make use of our IT support desk and benefit from having a team they can trust.

  • IT Support Desk

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Business Communications

  • Cyber Security

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Disaster Planning & Recover
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Digital Transformations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Office Fit Outs

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What is your usual response time? We always strive to respond as quickly as possible to ensure that your IT systems are running at their most efficient. We support many local businesses on the Brisbane and aim to be reliable and provide support in the shortest timeframe possible. Our dedicated technicians offer IT support on the Brisbane every day and will always work with you to provide the right solution or assistance promptly.
Why do businesses need cyber security as part of their Business IT solutions? Having a professional and knowledgeable IT team manage your cybersecurity needs means you can feel assured that your business data is safeguarded. We offer a range of business IT services to companies needing to ensure they have the right tools in place to prevent cyberattacks for peace of mind. It always means that if someone did gain access to your network, you have the ongoing support you need to respond quickly to any threats or security breaches and secure your system.
Do you provide in-house or onsite support? Multum Tech can provide Business IT support to your small business in-house, onsite and remotely. Much of our work can be performed without needing to attend your business premises. This will depend on the type of job or service required. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
What type of businesses do you provide IT support for? We work with a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses, especially those in the Financial, Medical, Legal and Construction industries, ensuring that their computers, network and servers are always functioning at their best. If your Brisbane business would like to work with us, regardless of your industry, please phone us to chat about getting started as a client.
Do you offer Service Level Agreements? We do. Having a Service Level Agreement in place ensures that you have clear expectations of what our technicians and support team will provide you and clear guidelines for service call-out times.
Can you help us with cyber security and meeting Essential 8 compliance? Cybersecurity has never been so critical. The right cyber security measures are crucial to protect your business data. Multum Tech can work with you to achieve Essential 8 compliance, whatever stage your business is at. We can ensure you have the most robust online protection, provide user awareness and training, data backup and disaster recovery, and that your business is Essential 8 compliant.

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