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Get the best results from your technology with reliable, responsive, and flexible managed IT support across the Sunshine Coast and hinterlands.


Multum Tech has been helping small to medium-sized businesses in the Sunshine Coast area for over two decades. We provide a dependable IT support team to ensure your business IT is always running at its best.


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IT Support & Solutions That Drive Your Business Forward

We provide highly responsive and cost-effective IT support for small to medium businesses right across the Sunshine Coast and hinterlands. In the Financial, Medical, Legal and Construction fields? Talk to us about how our industry-specific tech expertise in these areas can help your business succeed.

We ensure you know exactly what you’re getting with our support services and provide quality SLAs. As your IT Support company in Sunshine Coast, our team will always collaborate with you so that your business can enjoy the benefits of our managed technology IT services and solutions.

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it support sunshine coast

A Friendly Team of Tech Specialists

We guide our clients regarding various IT topics, including cyber security, data backups, IT infrastructure, cloud connectivity, and implementation of new systems.

Multum Tech also provides onsite and remote training to your business with any new technology we implement, and we make sure that you have the most efficient processes in place to get the best out of it.

We assure you that our skilled technical team will provide cost-effective IT systems, and our support services will align with your company’s growth. We collaborate with you to ensure that our IT solution meets your business needs.

Extensive Connectivity & Communication Tools For Your Business

We provide a wide range of communication, connectivity and cloud solutions to Sunshine Coast businesses, offering professional support services, migration and upgrades. With our comprehensive managed IT support in Sunshine Coast, your systems will be constantly monitored and maintained by our team of experts, ensuring a high level of uptime to keep your business running smoothly.

Our IT support will ensure your IT infrastructure, network monitoring, cloud solutions, and cyber security requirements are always up-to-date.

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We Can Audit, Migrate & Digitally Transform Your Businesss

We perform IT System Audits to ensure your business has the proper hardware, software and infrastructure. Our extensive knowledge in this area will ensure that your computers, servers, network and systems are all running optimally. We will make recommendations after performing an audit, advising you on any necessary improvements, vulnerabilities and system upgrades.

We look at your overall ecosystem and provide solutions based on enhancing productivity throughout your business. We can implement migrations if required and also manage a complete digital transformation that will modernise your workflow.

Complete Cloud Transformations To Modernise Small Business

Multum Tech specialises in delivering cloud services for small businesses. Using traditional hardware to store data and run systems and servers can often be significantly improved upon by utilising the cloud, improving your overall network performance and giving you access to a range of modern tools that are much harder to achieve without a cloud transformation.

Cloud solutions will enhance productivity and enable your team to use resources that significantly increase connectivity. If you have any questions about how we can improve your business with a cloud transformation, we can organise a time for a highly experienced technician to attend your business and give you the information required to get started.

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Optimal Uptime, So You Can Get On With Your Work

We know that the cost of not having your business up and running can be a daunting prospect, which is why we make business continuity a number one priority with all of the Sunshine Coast businesses we work with. Our support team will ensure your network, computer system, and software are always well-optimised and that downtime never affects your team’s productivity.

Get the best managed IT Support in Sunshine Coast & Brisbane has to offer by getting in touch with Multum Tech today.

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IT Support for Sunshine Coast Businesses

Choosing to work with Multum Tech means that you have full support for your IT systems and network support. We are more than an IT company. Our experienced team provide exceptional service, and our support technicians can always offer advice and assistance when you need it.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help and why we are so dedicated to providing the best Business IT Support, Sunshine Coast and surrounds.

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What we do.

For over 20 years we’ve been solving IT problems for small to medium-sized businesses in Brisbane. We have a large number of clients that regularly make use of our IT support desk and benefit from having a team they can trust.

  • IT Support Desk

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Business Communications

  • Cyber Security

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Disaster Planning & Recover

  • Hardware Procurement

  • Digital Transformations

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • New Office Fit Outs and Moves

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FAQs About Managed IT Support Sunshine Coast

How quickly can you provide IT support? We provide reliable IT support on the Sunshine Coast to many local businesses and our top priority is to ensure your network and IT systems run efficiently. Our dedicated technicians are available every day to assist you as quickly as possible, and ensure you have the right solution for your needs.
What is the importance of including cyber security in a business's IT solutions? Having an IT team who can provide cybersecurity services is crucial in this day and age. You need to be confident that your systems and sensitive data is protected from potential threats. If you are trying to prevent cyberattacks and unauthorised network access, you need to have the right solutions and safeguards in place. Our team will ensure you have the best protection for your needs. In the event that someone were to gain access to your network, we will respond rapidly and ensure that you have the ongoing support required to mitigate any risk factors.
Do you provide remote IT support or onsite support? We can provide business IT support onsite and remotely. Much of our work can be performed without needing to attend your business premises, which means we don't need to interrupt you while you are working. This may be times we will need to access equipment onsite, but we'll let you know and make a time that is convenient for you.
Do you work with all types of businesses?? We offer computer, network and server maintenance services for small and medium-sized across an array of fields. We do have lots of experience and industry know-how when it comes to providing tech solutions for Medical, Legal, Construction and Financial sectors though, which allows us to provide streamlined solutions for businesses of these types.
Do you offer Service Level Agreements? Absolutely, we feel it provides clarity to both parties and there are clear expectations of what our technicians and support team will provide you and transparent guidelines for service call-out times.
Can you help us with cyber security compliance and meeting required maturity levels for Essential 8? We work with many Sunshine Coast companies to ensure they have the correct cyber security measures in place. Compliance requirements have become firmer recently, and the necessity for keeping your systems secure and business data is evident, after many public data breaches and ransomware attacks. We'll make sure that you have robust online protection, and tick all the necessary We can also provide user awareness training, disaster recovery, backup services and business continuity.

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