Cloud Servers

Cloud services have rapidly been gaining popularity in the past few years – in both business and domestic sectors. We use cloud storage to backup the photos from our phone, we store documents and files in cloud servers so we can access them from anywhere.

While different types of cloud services have many serious benefits – which we’ll look into in a moment – there is always that small niggle of doubt and worry: what if something goes wrong and my data is lost? Fear not! Multum Tech is here to alleviate your fears and help you see why cloud services in general – and the different services available – are the best choice for your business.

What Types of Cloud Services Are Available?

There are a huge range of cloud services available for all business needs. The below is by no means an exhaustive list, but includes the most common types of cloud services – as well as those offered by Multum Tech.

Email hosting in the cloud has a number of benefits, the biggest of which being you can access them from anywhere, and that there is always a backup in the event of hardware or device failure.

Office 365
Office 365 is a suite of applications and technologies to improve business communication, collaboration and productivity. Offering the ability to work collectively on documents from multiple locations, file management, superior email hosting and more, Office 365 is an essential part of business software. Because it’s all managed in the cloud, you can work risk-free knowing that your data is always safe and backed up.

Cloud Servers
Cloud servers allow your company to take advantage of lightning-fast response times and enterprise grade reliability from servers hosted in data centres. Hosting your own servers is demanding, requiring space, money, time, resources and maintenance to keep them working optimally. For many businesses this isn’t an option, so cloud servers provide the perfect solution and, best of all, you can easily increase or decrease your server requirements according to your business needs.

IT Services
While technically not cloud based, managed IT service providers often use their cloud and hosting capabilities to monitor and improve their clients’ security, provide diagnostics and support, manage internal traffic and more.

VoIP Phone Systems
VoIP phone systems use your internet connection to make and receive calls, rather than a traditional phone line. These systems offer an array of other features too such as call recording and monitoring, web conferencing, voicemail to email and more. All these services are hosted in the cloud, keeping your bandwidth free to run your business while providing essential features to make managing communication easier and more effective.

How is My Data in the Cloud Kept Safe?

Cloud services are hosted in state-of-the-art data centres, many of which are purpose-built with security in mind. Data centres offer multi-layered security that is especially beneficial for smaller businesses that don’t have the budget or resource to invest heavily in their own security.

In addition to virtual security, data centres are physically secure too, being built to withstand natural disaster and malicious attack from both internal and external sources.

Cloud Services from Multum Tech

At Multum Tech we provide all the above cloud services and more, making us a perfect choice for businesses of any size looking for Brisbane based managed IT services. We provide your company with the technologies it needs to grow and thrive for a competitive price, so you truly can get the best of both worlds.

To find out more about how our different types of cloud services can benefit your business, call our team today on 1300 685886.