IT Security

Protecting your business online is absolutely essential. Regardless of your setup, whether you have one workstation or a complex, inter-departmental network over several locations – if you are connected to the internet, you are vulnerable to cyber attack.

What is a cyber attack?
A cyber attack is defined by the government as: ‘A deliberate act through cyberspace to manipulate, disrupt, deny, degrade or destroy computers or networks, or the information resident on them, with the effect of seriously compromising national security, stability or economic prosperity.’(1)

While this definition is related to the government itself, the same can be applied to any business. A cyber attack on a business will usually have the goal of obtaining sensitive data, compromising security systems or redirecting financial transactions. There are any number of ways that this can be achieved, and you should never assume that your company is safe because ‘we’re only a small business’ or ‘nobody would ever want to hack us!’

The cost of an IT security breach

According to a study by IBM, the average cost of an IT security breach is between $200 – $400 per customer – that is, any customer that has ever been present on your database. Beyond the hardware and system repair costs, there is also your reputation to consider. Consumers are incredibly savvy nowadays, and will not risk working with a company that has been compromised.

Things You Can Do To Protect Your Business Online

While cyber criminals have become more patient and the techniques they use more sophisticated, there are still some simple measures you can take to help keep your business safe.

  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date
  • Use complex passwords and change them regularly
  • Ensure all data is encrypted, stored safely and deleted when no longer needed
  • Never open dodgy looking emails or click links or attachments within
  • Evaluate any organisations you work with, especially those with access to sensitive data such as your hosting provider or marketing company

IT Security Services

Understandably, demand for reliable, robust and thorough cyber security services has grown exponentially in the past few years as business owners realise the importance of threat protection and prevention. Taking your own steps to safeguard your business is essential, but true peace of mind can only be achieved when you know that your business is being protected by specialists – professionals that have a working knowledge of IT security and have insight into the techniques being used now and in the future.

What do IT security services include?

IT security services vary on a company basis, but usually include the following:

  • System monitoring and reporting – any anomalies or suspicious behaviour will be picked up and reported immediately
  • Disaster planning – in the event of system failure or even natural disaster, your data and business critical systems need to be backed up so they can be restored with minimal impact to your business
  • Robust security – IT security specialists offer robust security through strict protocols, procedures and compliance
  • Bespoke services – from roadmaps to business contingency plans, IT security specialists work with you to determine your individual business risk profile and offer maximum protection

At Multum Tech we offer all of the above to ensure your business is kept safe and secure in an increasingly dangerous online world. We are passionate about your business success – after all, your success is our success – and our IT security specialists work closely with you to ensure your business does succeed.
To find out more about our IT security services in Brisbane and how they can be tailored to suit your business needs and budget, contact us on 1300 685886.

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