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Surviving Downtime with IT Support Services Brisbane

Have you ever thought about what could happen to your business in the event of IT downtime? What about the real cost that comes with it? Well, here’s enough reason to invest in an IT support services Brisbane firm if you still haven’t.

In a digital economy, a technology-oriented business is paramount to success. Everything is so simplified. Marketing is such a breeze. You can interact with clients and get prospects from anywhere around the globe. Your processes become super-efficient thus keeping customers happy, revenues high and competitors below.

Nevertheless, technology tends to let you down when you least expect it to. IT downtime is a period characterized by inactivity in the entire or part of business operations as a result of technological systems failing to function. The biggest culprits are bugs, cyber-attacks, viruses or hardware malfunction.

The implications on a business range from mild to severe depending on frequency, duration and whether or not there were any prior measures put in place to minimize the impact should it occur. Here are some of the negative outcomes of IT downtime;

  • Data loss

Loss of critical and substantial amounts of data can literally throw your business off course. This could be anything from clients information and history, suppliers contacts, employee records, special formulas, development stages of ongoing projects, financial books etc.

  • Time wastage and low productivity

As a result of a system shutting down, the time being spent getting it back up is tantamount to wasted labor hours which you will still compensate for despite little or no work being performed at that time. In fact, you end up paying more in terms of overtime trying to fill the gap created. In addition, frequent downtime can be such a bugger that it destroys staff morale.

  • Weakened clientele base

Downtime is a sure recipe for losing out on customers especially when the recovery process is lengthy. By the time you are up on your feet again, potential and even existing clients will have moved on to the next available rival company to make an enquiry, book, order, buy and pay online. Even loyal customers do run out of patience at times.

  • Loss of finances.

Lost opportunities, low productivity, diminished sales and perhaps a tarnished brand name results to financial losses. And, if unlucky, lawsuits logged against you by customers may also have huge implications in terms of fines.

Although downtime is inevitable, it can be curtailed by acquiring IT support services Brisbane tech firms are offering. How will this benefit your business?

Well, your system and networks will get a protection mechanism by software’s set up for you, the likes of antivirus and firewalls. There will be continuous updating and monitoring to combat cyber-attacks and shield the system from malware and any form of infection. Hardware gets monitored too for early signals of future breakdown thus a timely repair or replacement can be arranged.

In addition, a reliable back up system and recovery plan will be created for you and your staff. While other businesses will be on their knees from a digital attack or natural disasters, your business data will be safe and easily retrievable to get you up and running in the shortest time possible.

So why wait to feel the crunch? Engage providers of IT support services Brisbane and prepare your business for safe landing should the inevitable happen. Talk to us today!