Managed IT Support

Does your Business Need Managed IT Support?

Technology is critical to any type of business no matter how small or simple it is in structure. The possibility of thriving without some form of IT is near zero and for this reason, every business is digitizing its operations. Even small business owners are trying to grasp some IT skills and hiring an employee or two to deal with the technology bit. Yet, you will still find firms struggling in certain areas and the solution could be in getting a more professional input. Here are 7 signs it’s time for managed IT support to come in.

  • Regular cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are a real pain to the commercial sector and cost businesses over millions of dollars annually in financial losses caused by downtime and ransom malware demands. If your systems get threats more often than you can monitor, then it’s time to rethink your protection options. You might want to consider managed IT support for full time vigilance.

  • Consistent unplanned downtime

Downtime can be caused by many things, from hardware malfunction to software redundancy, to bad internet signal and beyond. But how often does it occur? How long does it take you to bounce back up? A few hours? Days? A week perhaps? While downtime is a near inevitable occurrence in any tech savvy businesses, you might need assistance to minimise the frequency and put in place quick recovery plans.

  • Growing IT skills gap

Do you find yourself always organising trainings for your IT staff? Or, outsourcing projects they are unable to handle? Are some tasks too technical for them? Well, these are signs of a skills gap that needs to be sealed. You could use some help with that from managed IT support which harbors a larger pool of expertise.

  • Instances of data loss

Data is so critical to a business that loss of part or all of it could be the biggest blow a business can ever experience. Problems with maintenance, protection and backing up of data calls for an expert review of storage systems, server maintenance and even consideration to migrate to cloud based systems.

  • Escalating tech expenses

Are you digging deeper into your pockets to cater for IT related expenses? It could be acquisition of better tools which most times you don’t even need shortly after due to their evolving nature. Maybe you are making purchases from the wrong vendor at a higher price. By turning to managed IT support, you get premium advice on these matters beforehand thus saving you on costs.

  • Slow inefficient processes

When your operations are seemingly costly, time intensive and produce lower output, it’s probably because systems are inefficient. You would consider having things looked at by a new set of eyes. With the right IT, you could adopt faster methods that will increase your productivity at a minimal cost. This translates to an increase in your profits.

  • Switching to new technology

Planning for an upgrade? Switching to new technology is a smart business move as it is one way to not get left far behind by competitors. Nonetheless, the adoption process may be a bit of a challenge and could result to a lot of downtime in between before fully embracing it. Getting support from managed service providers goes a long way to ensure a seamless transition.

If these problems sound familiar to you, help is just a call away. Contact us, for a candid discussion on the managed IT support services your business needs.