Managed Service Provider

9 Merits of Partnering with a Managed Service Provider

Is your business yet to invest in managed IT services? Then you are missing out on a whole lot of advantages it has to offer in comparison to a conventional in-house IT department. Information Technology involves more than just maintaining the functionality of your computers. Some of the most sought after services include software as a service, remote monitoring, cloud storage, IP phone systems, infrastructure among others. These may be differentiated depending on your chosen provider and business needs. Provided by a third party known as a managed service provider, to clients such as you, these managed IT services reduce costs, minimise risks, save time, increases productivity among other benefits. Here are 9 business gains you will enjoy.

  1. Compact staffing needs

Managed service providers work remotely and have a pool of qualified personnel. You, therefore, eliminate the need for staffing a huge IT department. Scaling up is also easier for future demands as your business expands its territories. Housing round the clock employees is by far more costly in terms of renting office space, recruitment processes, remuneration, employee benefits, continuous training and recruiting more employees as you grow and experience changing skill requirements.

  1. Cloud based services

Managed service providers employ cloud computing technology for storage, application use, telephony, monitoring and maintenance. The cloud system only needs the internet to run making it a great option for small or mid-sized businesses with limited resources. Hardware, installation, infrastructure and even storage space for things like servers is not a necessity thereby cutting down on capital expenditure.

  1. Advanced skills

A managed service provider comes with a team of information technology professionals from which your business can derive unlimited expertise. This is knowledge gained from advanced training and years of experience tackling IT issues of different business entities. Such a wealth of knowledge cannot be found in one or two of your full time employees with a narrower scope of skills due to limited exposure from working in the same environment day in day out.

  1. Software maintenance

One of the main reasons managed IT is so popular is the fact that the weight of maintaining software is catered for by the provider. Information technology software changes rapidly. It requires constant updating and smarter alternatives crop up pretty quickly too which can pose a huge financial obligation for SME’s to keep up with. Furthermore, if you do need to purchase anything, the provider will get it for you from vendors at a discounted rate.

  1. Enhanced productivity

As a business manager, there’s already so much on your plate; production, sales, marketing, customer service, all of which are vital elements for the success of business. But so is IT which ensures the four arms run efficiently. A managed service provider takes the IT aspect of business off your plate so that you can channel your energy and time on vital strategic roles.

  1. Consistent up-time

By entrusting your business to the experts, you enjoy top notch monitoring and maintenance standards thus heightened up-time. Having systems that are always up and running smoothly means less lag, proper planning and use of time, efficient and faster processes and improved staff morale which cultivates more productivity and allows room for innovation.

  1. Minimal security breeches

Cyber attacks are getting bigger and better and being armed with a managed service provider by your side is the best defence. Providers make it their business to ensure your systems and networks are secured from invasion which could results to data theft or loss and system corruption, malfunction and failure. They enlighten users on the security protocols to be observed, ensure adherence and develop back-up plans and swift system recovery measures should the unavoidable happen.

  1. Controlled spending

Uncontrolled spending is a financial risk that can cause a business cash flow issues leading to its eventual failure. That is exactly what may happen if you decide to handle your own IT -overspend. See, IT is highly dynamic and comes with all sorts of unforeseen expenditure. By letting a managed service provider take care of things, you then only need to pay a pre-defined monthly charge, allowing you to budget properly.

  1. Competitive advantage

You can get ahead of competition and even swim with the big fish once you adopt managed services. Efficient systems backed by unlimited resources create a conducive environment for creativity and innovation. Innovation helps you better your products and services at a lower cost. This keeps your customers happy enabling you gain business traction.

It is evident that a managed service provider brings so much to the table at a more affordable predictable rate. They come with the skills, technology and infrastructure needed to maximise your output while saving you on time, money and the pressure of dealing with the demands of information technology. Talk to an IT support firm today to discuss your business needs and the kind of support you and your internal team need.