Cyber Security

Now more than ever you need be placing cyber security as a top priority for your business. The methods used by hackers to gain access to your data is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Historically business grade antivirus applications were enough to protect your data, where now it’s considered the last line of defence.

We are constantly working with our clients to stay ahead of new threats. We do this by monitoring updates from antivirus manufactures, security forums and the Australian Government Joint Cyber Security Centre program.

Hackers use a variety of methods to breach networks including:

  • Phishing/fraudulent emails that appear to come from a reputable source
  • Hacking websites and using them to distribute malware and viruses
  • Exploiting security flaws in out-of-date software
  • Infected USB Flash Drives

The good news is technologies are available to protect your information and strengthen your system from attacks.

We’ve listed below our recommendations to increase the security of your systems. If you are not doing all of these, call us now.

  • Complex passwords
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Consistent security policy for all staff
  • Keep your software updated with latest security fixes
  • User education
  • Antivirus and Web Protection


With a security audit and report from us, you will know