Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Servers

We’re regularly asked by our clients if they should be using an On Premise Server or a Cloud Server?

Your business will have a unique set of requirements, so the answer is going to be different from a neighbouring business, but we can help make it simple.

By working with you to detail your requirements and desired outcomes, we can guarantee you’ll get the best return on investment going forward.

Through our consulting process we evaluate each of your critical systems to determine:

  • What technologies are supported by your application vendors?
  • How much data do you have and what type of data?
  • The structure of your business data?
  • At which locations will your data be accessed?
  • If your business data is subject to any compliancing requirements?
  • Your preference for lower ongoing costs or lower initial costs?

The information gathered from the above questions will generate a clear picture of your requirements and provide a simple path forward.

We have been designing, installing and maintaining servers for over 15 years. We support clients running physical, virtual and cloud servers but more commonly hybrid solutions.

Hybrid solutions provides the best of both worlds by utilising cloud for some key systems while having others sitting on a local server. Using a cloud server provides a level of redundancy and security typically reserved for enterprises, while having systems running locally provides fast speed.

Call us today to find the best server solution that will grow with your business.