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VoIP Phone System

Business market has become very competitive in the modern days due to advancement in technology. Are you in need of an affordable phone system? Well, Multum Tech is the leading company in the installation of VoIP phone system whether you are managing a small or big business organisation.

You need to have a comprehensive phone system so that to ensure smooth flow of information from one department to another. It can also be used to make communication with customers and other business partners.

Voice over internet protocol is becoming popular in the recent days since it is quite affordable as compared to the traditional lines.

You can use voice over internet protocol for video conferencing, messaging and even making calls across the world. Therefore, you need to do a thorough research about the best company offering VoIP systems.

Multum Tech is a big company that has been in the market for over some decades and the IT support team have a lot of experience in connecting VoIP phone for your business.

Most of our IT specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable with VoIP phone system. There are different varieties of VoIP phone system and it is upon you to pick the one that suits your business well.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

They include:

Excellent Call Quality

There is a different reason differentiate between using a traditional line and VoIP phone system since it works in a perfect way. The quality of the call is quite clear since there are no hiccups in the transmission of information from one point to another.

Multum tech experts will help you in configuring the system so that you can make excellent call quality just like the typical cell phone.


This is the main factor that makes many businesses in Brisbane to opt for VoIP over the traditional lines. Making calls using the system are quite free in case they are domestic while international call costs are less expensive.

Lots of business prefer the system since it helps them reduces the overhead costs and in turn increases the level of profit margins in the long run.

Are you thinking of starting a business? Well, you should also think about installing a VoIP phone system so that you will be able to communicate well with suppliers and customers at an affordable call rate.

Convenience and Versatility

The VoIP phone system has virtual numbers that are designed in a way that they can ring in multiple devices. You can use the numbers to call the landline phone or the home phone line. You do not need to keep on changing numbers.

Multum tech IT team will assign certain numbers on the ring on a single handset. This is a hassle-free device to use in your business organisation.

You can get in touch with our IT specialists and they will help to sort your business communication in a unique way but at an affordable price.

Attractive to Businesses

The cost of calling rate is usually low and this will help to save on the number of employees as well as the frequency of calling. The integration of data and voice in VoIP for communication is particularly affordable for any type of business.

The IT team from Multum Tech Company can the set the system in way that you can use both the data and voice at the same time. This is will help you save a lot and in turn increase the productivity of your business.

Multifunction System

The VoIP phone system is session initiated protocol handset and therefore, it can be used to make any kind of communication such as faxes, voice, and data and among many others.

The handset has several unique features and hardware that enable them to be easy to operate. They also last for a long period of time.

You do not need any sort of training in order to operate the system but you will be expected to plug in the system then start to operate it immediately.

Efficient and Secure

This is because the communication network run over a single infrastructure and this happens to be cost-effective to any kind of business organisation.

VoIP phone system has a security system in place and there is no any other intruder who can hack the communication system of your business at all.

Tracking System

The VoIP system is integrated with features such as Find Me, Follow Me, Call Hunting and many others. This gives the user an opportunity to move from one point to another with ease. You can also use the features to track the performance of the employees in the company.