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Cut Back on Start-Up Costs with a VoIP Phone System

One of the greatest inhibitors of successful business growth for start-ups is cash flow issues. As a new entrant into the commercial world, it is important, therefore, to keep a close eye on where the money goes and cut back on unnecessary expenditure. This needs to be exercised early enough beforee a quagmire of financial crisis arises. One way to slash expenses is by investing in a VoIP phone system.

Reliable phone communication is one of the building blocks of a successful business venture and that is exactly what you get with a VoIP phone system. It allows you interact with stakeholders in a modern way using the most advanced features such as automatic call hold, waiting and transfer, chat, voicemail to text, file sharing and video call conferencing. Sounds like something that costs a fortune right?

Well, you can enjoy these and other numerous advantages without compromising your business wallet. VoIP is in fact by far more pocket-friendly than the conventional phone and will actually save your enterprise a significant amount of money in various ways.

VoIP utilizes internet connection to make calls. The installation procedure is pretty smooth and fast. Hardware requirements are minimal too. It doesn’t need special desk telephones or circuit wiring. Any internet enabled communication gadget works well with it. If you go the basic telephone line way which needs wiring and purchase of expensive and bulky hardware, the initial amount you incur will be higher and it may take several days before the entire complex set-up is completed. That is precious time lost which could have otherwise been monetized.

Users who switch from an analogue system to VoIP report a drastic drop in their monthly telephone bills by up to half the usual amount. This is because Voice over Internet Protocol runs on an internet connection hence the only payment factored is the fixed bandwidth subscription. It is toll-free to call on local networks, something that is usually billed per second with traditional lines. VoIP calling fee is not determined by distance, duration or frequency of calls. And, because business should not be rushed, you therefore, do not have to worry about hefty international tariffs. Closing deals with overseas partners, clients or suppliers can be conducted comfortably and affordably via phone.

When you virtualise your VoIP phone system, its server becomes cloud-based hence the absence of a physical machine in your office. This eliminates the need for an on-site IT technician for regular maintenance translating to savings in terms of wages you would have otherwise paid. Also, all expenses concerned with monitoring, updating and upgrading the server are catered for by the host, another win for you.

Finally, as you tap new markets and expand into multiple addresses, you will need supplementary extension lines to contain the widening client base. With a VoIP phone system, you say goodbye to procurement of new hardware, contracting electricians to wire your new offices and the entire rigorous process of adding telephone line extensions. The system is highly accommodating when it comes to scaling up. It is as easy as informing your service provider and upgrading your bandwidth. Besides, the standard telephone lines are much more expensive than IP lines. Talk to IT support to learn more about available small business phone systems