VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems are incredibly popular with companies of all sizes thanks to their versatility and features such as call recording and conferencing. Using your internet connection to host calls provides greater reliability and call quality, with no risk of interference.

Benefits of VoIP for SMEs

When you think of a VoIP phone system you may think of a larger business. But small to medium businesses can benefit equally, if not more so, from a VoIP phone system. Why? Because:

  • Smaller businesses will feel the cost savings of a VoIP phone system more acutely than a larger business
  • Easy call forwarding allows you to easily take those important calls, wherever you are -regardless of the time of day
  • Integration with other platforms and systems makes managing various aspects of your business easier and more streamlined
  • With Multum Tech, the initial investment for VoIP is significantly reduced
  • The system can be up and running in minutes, so there is minimum disruption to your business
  • Hosting in the cloud means there’s no need for on-site hardware or maintenance
  • VoIP calls are much cheaper than standard phone lines, freeing up cash for other areas of your business
  • VoIP systems are easily scalable and so can grow with your business

Choosing VoIP with Multum Tech

Businesses of all sizes are discovering the benefits of switching to VoIP with Multum Tech. Our partnership with leading software company 3CX allows us to offer exclusive value packages that you won’t find anywhere else, while our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to ensure the switch runs seamlessly.

We can even work around your existing contract and phone lines to integrate a VoIP phone system. Whatever your business size and budget, give Multum Tech a call on 1300 685886 today to discuss your requirements.