Congratulations on choosing to use an IT Solutions company. The quality, professional services you’ll receive from these companies should nicely set you on the path to success. In fact, you should already be doing a lot better than your competitors who still have to juggle IT with the many other responsibilities associated with running a business.

But, to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for the business, we want to bring your attention to a critical aspect of Managed IT – not all service providers are equal. At times, you could get a lot more value for your money by shifting to a different provider.

So, the question then becomes – when is it time to shift? Below, we look at three common instances when making a move might be useful for your business;

  1. Your IT problems seem never to go away

IT is challenging. No one denies that. Remaining on top of current developments can be both costly and demanding. But, that’s why you chose to outsource in the first place, right? So, if the IT Solutions, Brisbane Company you’re using is complaining of the same issues of costs and human resource as a reason they can’t keep your IT up to date, then the best option is to find another company.

  1. All they ever do is “react” to situations

There may have been a time when reactive solutions were sufficient. But those days are long gone. With increasing risk and vulnerability, businesses need to start thinking of solutions even before the problem occurs. For instance, you need to have a recovery plan in place, even if you’ve never been hacked. If your IT provider isn’t proactive, if all they ever provide is fixes to existing problems, you need to leave and never look back.

  1. You’ve outgrown their capacity

It is also possible to outgrow your current IT solutions provider. Maybe you need to move to the cloud, but they don’t provide cloud services. Perhaps you now want a company that can also help you with email marketing. Or, maybe they’re just overwhelmed by your needs. One of the best ways to tell this is by monitoring backlog. An overwhelmed provider will usually have plenty of fixes, upgrades, and improvements waiting to be done. When it gets to such a point, finding a different provider would be your best solution.

If you’re currently experiencing any of these challenges, don’t waste any more time. Go out and find a new IT services provider.

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