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We specialise in providing prompt and reliable managed IT services to businesses that are based in and around the Brisbane area. Whether it’s on-site or remote support, hardware solutions, server management or print, we’re here to help.

Whether you require streamlined business communications or cybersecurity measures, Multum Tech has you covered.

Managed IT Services
That Brisbane Businesses Can Rely On

If you are looking for Managed IT Services that you can trust to keep your business operations running smoothly, you are in the right place. Multum Tech understands the headaches that come with technology, and how this can impact your business. We help many businesses across Brisbane with their IT Services, and understand your business needs.


2 Decades Experience

For more than 20 years, we have been offering a comprehensive range of Managed IT Services to businesses located in Brisbane.


Consistent & Reliable

We will never let you down when you need our help. Our client-first focus means your needs come first.


Consulting & Strategy

We take care of your day-to-day IT operations and ensure your IT and business objectives are in sync.

Managed IT & Technology Solutions for Business Growth

As your managed service provider, Multum Tech ensures that you have cost-effective and highly reliable Managed IT support that aligns with your core business goals. We work with Brisbane-based businesses, especially those in the Legal, Medical, Financial and Construction industries.

With an easy-to-manage fixed monthly fee, we provide proactive day-to-day support to small and medium businesses. We are here to help you as your business grows, using technology to give your business a competitive advantage.

  • Managed Cloud Services & Cloud Migration
  • VOIP Phone Systems
  • Disaster Recovery
  • IT Desk Support
  • Network Security Management
  • IT Solutions
  • Proactive Support

Monitoring & Maintenance

Preventing IT issues is crucial for businesses. Our monitoring systems help to catch any potential issues before they get worse, which minimises downtime and maximises productivity.

Just as a car needs regular maintenance to help it run smoothly; your IT infrastructure requires ongoing care to work effectively. Conducting routine maintenance on your systems, assists with keeping them healthy and working efficiently.

Prioritising monitoring and maintenance, allows improvement in system performance, helps to prevent costly downtime, and boosts the overall security of your IT environment.

Business Communications

Enhance your communication system with our VoIP solutions, which enables efficient and cost effective voice communication over the internet.

Unified communication systems, can be streamlined across your organisation; incorporating video, voice and messaging into a single platform (effectively making communication easier).

Enable effective team collaboration, regardless of their location, with our collaboration tools- fostering their innovation and productivity.


Protecting your business from evolving cyber threats is critical. Our comprehensive cybersecurity measures include firewalls, antivirus software and intrusion detection systems.

Our advanced threat detection and prevention techniques allows us to identify and negate potential security breaches before they cause harm to your business.

Data protection and encryption solutions allow you to keep your sensitive data safe, while ensuring your valuable assets are safeguarded as well as complying with regulatory requirements.

Infrastructure Management

Our comprehensive assessment services can evaluate the performance and health of your network infrastructure, identifying any areas that may need improvement or upgrading.

Through our cloud services and migration support, unlock the power of the cloud! This enables seamless access to your applications and data at any time, from anywhere.

Further your IT infrastructure with our scalable solutions- allowing your business to grow and adapt to changing demands without expensive disruptions.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

Disaster recovery planning allows you to prepare for the unexpected, ensuring your business can recover quickly from unforeseen events and reduce downtime.

Our backup solutions can safeguard your critical data, providing peace of mind that your information is stored securely and is easily recoverable.

In the event of a disaster, our business continuity and rapid response measures, ensure that your business operations can continue without interruption- preserving your reputation and revenue.

Hardware Procurement

Does your hardware infrastructure need an upgrade? Our expert assessment and procurement services can source high quality equipment and tailor it to your specific needs and budget.

We make the procurement process simple with our vendor management services, handling negotiations and logistics to ensure a timely delivery and installation.

Our cost effective hardware solutions combines performance and reliability, which maximises the benefit for your business.

New Office Fit Outs and Moves

Opening a new office? Kick-start the journey with our IT infrastructure planning service! This will guarantee that your technology aids your business goals from day one.

Our office setup and configuration services allow you to leave the technical details to us, while you focus on getting your new office up and running.

Our IT support team is here to aid you in navigating any challenges or issues that may appear during your office move, enabling a seamless transition for your business.

Digital Transformations

Is your business looking for a digital transformation? Our IT consulting services provide strategic guidance and implementation support, to help drive innovation and growth for your business. 

With our proficiency in implementing new technologies- ranging from artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things (IoT), you can proactively boost efficiency and maintain a competitive business edge. 

Optimise your business workflows and processes with our custom solutions, harnessing technology to achieve operational excellence and erase inefficiencies.  

Mergers and Acquisitions 

Looking to ensure a seamless transition during acquisitions and mergers? Our IT integration planning services provide continuity and compatibility across all systems and platforms in your business. 

Trust us to safely migrate your data from legacy systems to new platforms. Our data migration service ensures the integrity of your data as well as reducing downtime during the process. 

Count on our experienced team to offer continuous support through the transition period, proactively addressing issues or concerns promptly to minimise disruptions to your business.

Why Choose Us for Managed IT Services

Multum Tech leads the way in providing managed IT services across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our unique approach focuses on transparent communication and collaboration, ensuring that your IT needs always come first. 

We are dedicated to providing cost efficient corporate level IT services and support to small businesses, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core operations and secure in the knowledge that Multum Tech is ardently managing their IT systems. This commitment has empowered us to serve businesses across Australia for over two decades. 

Take A Step Towards Streamlined IT Operations

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure? Contact Multum Tech today to see how we can streamline your business operations. 

Ready to move your business forward? Invest in professional Managed IT Services today and unlock the full potential of your business. Reach out to Multum Tech for a consultation.

Say Goodbye to Tech Headaches

As a business owner, the last thing you need is to be worried about your IT systems. We have strong expertise in managing business technology requirements for a large number of professional services companies, and can completely remove the associated stress with our Managed IT Support.

As your service provider, we can iron out any network issues from the outset, and provide a complete range of tailored Managed Services. We will provide you with a clear Service Level Agreement so you understand when and how we will deliver our IT services, with predictable monthly billing.

Our priority is to ensure that your business does not experience unnecessary downtime, and we are extremely time-focused and reliable when it comes to proactively monitoring your IT systems.

With remote access, we can provide virtual support services and support, Brisbane and surrounds, allowing small businesses we work with to have the ongoing support they need, as well as maximum up time.

Protect Your Data With a Security Conscious Managed Services Provider

We know that cyber security breaches are a significant concern for businesses, and we have always taken a ‘security first’ approach with our Managed Services clients.

As one of the leading service providers in Brisbane, we understand that many business owners are currently navigating the Essential 8 Maturity guidelines and need to ensure that their business data is always safely stored.

We can provide a standalone Cyber Managed Service or combine it with other Managed IT Solutions, ensuring proactive monitoring against cyber threats, lightning-fast response times to cyber-attacks, and user training on recognising and reporting security threats.

We will ensure you have the most suitable data storage methods in place in case of data loss and a strong business continuity plan in place. We will always take a proactive approach to keep your network up-to-date and protected.

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A Managed IT Service That Is Second to None

We always aim to create a support experience that is second to none and have been providing managed services to many Brisbane businesses, just like yours, for decades. Choosing Multum Tech as your Managed Service Provider meaning choosing peace of mind. Get in touch today to get started with high-quality Managed IT Services, Brisbane and surrounds.


We have been providing solutions to IT problems for small and medium-sized businesses in Brisbane for more than 20 years. Numerous clients who trust our team for assistance regularly access our IT support desk.

  • Managed Cyber Security

  • Managed IT Support & Services

  • High-Speed Business Internet
  • Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Managed Infrastructure

  • Backup & Recover

  • Procurement Services
  • Hardware Installation

  • Business Automation
  • Moves & New Fit Outs

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What is a managed IT service? Managed IT services are packaged IT services delivered on an ongoing basis by your chosen managed service providers. A managed IT service is generally provided longer-term, with regular updates, maintenance, and security solutions to keep your IT infrastructure working optimally.

Each managed IT service provider will offer different services, which are generally priced and packaged at different levels depending on the type of regular support you need. As a part of your managed services, you'll usually have helpdesk access via phone or by submitting a ticket. It's more common for managed security solutions to be included in packages now, along with general maintenance services like updates, applications and device management.
How do I know if managed IT services are right for my business? If you currently use an in-house team or traditional 'break-fix' IT services, you'll need to assess the cost and benefits of different IT models for your business. If your IT systems are quite easy to manage, or you can access the one-off support you need in a timeframe that doesn't disrupt your business operations, you may already be utilising a method that works for your business, as long as it's cost-effective and you are not waiting around from frequent technical issues to be fixed.

If your IT requirements are more complex, or not handled sufficiently by your current IT team or services provider, it's very much worth considering the ongoing support a managed services provider can give you. A quality managed services provider partnered with your business can make a massive difference to your team's productivity. It also offers the certainty of surprise-free billing, preemptive maintenance and regular monitoring, which can save a lot of headaches and expenses further down the line.
What types of services are included in a managed IT service? There are a multitude of different offerings when it comes to managed services, which will vary depending on the skills and specialities of your managed service provider. Almost all MSPs offer general support and maintenance, system monitoring and cyber security services as a baseline of their package.

Cloud solutions, specific network security processes, data backup and disaster recovery, are also commonly offered and may be packaged together to suit your needs. We offer managed services across all these areas and can assess your current IT systems and determine which managed services will be most beneficial and cost-effective for you.
What are the advantages of managed IT services? Managed services take the guesswork out of maintaining your computer systems, keeping your software up to date, and your network and devices secure. If any issues occur, you have access to the technical expertise of a group of highly skilled professionals and a remote IT service desk.

We provide a personal service for many local businesses, who see us as an extension of their team. We are on hand for advice and support when needed and regularly work in the background to ensure your systems are up-to-date, secure and monitored. Managed services are fixed fee also, and you'll have clarity around expected service delivery timeframes and precisely what's included in your package.
What is the difference between a managed IT service and a traditional IT service? Put simply; it's very similar to the difference between a subscription to Netflix as compared to paying for movies when you want to watch them. The difference, though? You don't always know when you'll need a traditional IT service or 'break-fix' IT service because technology and hardware can break at the most annoying times.

It may be okay to stay with that model if you have reliable IT support that provides affordable help when you need it. If you rely on technology for your business, need your systems regularly updated, maintained and monitored - and want to work with a team that knows your IT environment inside out at a fixed fee, having a company provide managed services is likely the better option for your business.
How much does a managed IT service cost? Managed IT services in Australia start at around $70 a month for essential basic services and go upwards from there. Variables include:
  • The number of users
  • The number of devices
  • The type of services required (general IT, helpdesk, cyber, backup)
  • The complexity of the IT environment
  • Response timeframes
  • Support hours (i.e., Monday to Friday support will generally cost less than 24/7 support)
  • Whether services are provided remotely or on-site
It's best to get an idea of what you need and approach an MSP to discuss your specific needs and which plans will work best for you.
How can managed IT services help reduce my costs? Managed services can reduce business costs in several ways. Having your systems regularly maintained and monitored can prevent extensive, expensive repairs further down the line, in the same way that having your car serviced periodically works. By ensuring everything is working at regular intervals, even if issues do occur, they'll be picked up before they cause further problems. You also will save a lot of time and increase productivity by avoiding minor tech issues that your MSP deals with proactively.

When your system security is maintained, you are much less likely to have downtime, data loss or significant issues due to a security breach. All of these things can add up immensely. Simple updates and patches being done promptly also work in this way, and having your systems monitored means that any potential threats or technical issues are identified and addressed before they become an expensive problem.
What is the best way to select a managed IT service company? When choosing an MSP, working with someone who understands your business needs is essential. Start local, look for companies that provide managed services nearby, and see if their services align with your needs. If you use specialised software or industry-specific needs, ask around or search for a provider that has the expertise you require.

Ask lots of questions and find out what's included or may incur an additional fee. Timeframes and responsiveness are also necessary and account for a large part of overall customer satisfaction levels. Define your goals - do you need to maintain security for compliance, solve problems as you scale or take steps to digitalise processes to shift your business forward? Talk to potential managed services providers about your current set-up, budget and future needs. Read reviews, and ask others for referrals. Working with the one you feel most confident in and are satisfied services will be delivered cost-effectively and reliably is essential.

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