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Disaster Planning and Recovery

Disaster Planning and Recovery is a documented framework that provides instructions to respond to an unpredicted incident in the operation of your business.

Multum Tech experts have the ability to outline some precautions in order to help your business reduce the chance of occurrence of risk in its operation. They can also help restore back the normal operation of the critical function of your business.

Our experts usually analyse the process of your business before generating a detailed disaster recovery plan. This will help to assess the risk then establish recovery time objective and point objective.

It is recommended to establish disaster recovery strategies at the level of business in order to determine the best application that is suitable for the operation of your organisation.

The recovery strategies usually help the organisation to know the plans on how to respond to the incidents while disaster recovery plans usually describe how the business react to the incident.

You should make sure the recovery strategies align with organisational goals in order to avoid conflict of ideologies in the operation of the business.

This should worry you no more since our experts usually work hand in hand with management in order to formulate plans and objectives that align with the business objectives.

We usually charge our clients affordable fee during the formulation of the strategies and event during the implementation in order to recovery the vital data to enhance the normal operation of the business after the occurrence of an incident.

Our experts have the skills and knowledge on how to analyse the risk and assess business impact analysis. This will help to know the extent of disruption and find ways on how to recover the data in order to bring back business into its normal operation.

The disaster planning and recovery help to guide the business management and IT department to know the scope of work that needs to be handled. It also provides outline the costs of every information found on the checklist.

Multum Tech has remained the only reputable and reliable company in Australia that can help you or your business sorted out with issues pertaining to disaster recovery plan as well as other IT support problems.

Disaster recovery plans help to secure your organisation from man-made disasters and natural disasters. Natural disasters are unpredictable but it is recommended to put in place DR plan in order to address them in case they do occur.

According to the research done by our experts, the common disasters that affect the operation of the business include; application failure, hosting failure, data center failure, citywide disaster, communication failure, and VM failure.

Multum Tech has a different pricing policy that can match any type of business operation and there is no need to shy away from trading with us. We offer one of the top quality services when it comes to DR plans as compared to our competitors.

We have been in operation for over some decades now and it is the reason why most of our experts are always ahead of technology in order to offer a solution in case of any downtime of the business systems of our clients.

Types of Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster planning and recovery are usually tailored to meet different environmental circumstances of any business. Here are some of the most popular DR plans our experts can handle:

Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

This is a type of DR plan that majorly focuses on data center and its infrastructure. Our experts assess the operational risk before DR planning. This usually helps to figure out problems affecting the key components in the operational systems.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan

Our experts will help to create a file backup in the cloud to a complete replication. This will help to minimize space, time and cost. Having a proper management system will also help to foster disaster recovery plans.

The plan will help the manager to locate the physical and the virtual servers easily without hassle. DR plan majorly focuses on security plans since it is usually the main problem for the cloud.

Network Disaster Recovery Plan

Network systems have so many complications and coming up with such recovery plans can be trickier. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to formulate detailed steps on how to recover network data that is needed.

Virtualised Disaster Recovery Plan

Virtualisation is a process of generating a chance for implementing DR plans in a more efficient and effective way. It helps to create new virtual machines instantly so that the application recovery is readily available. If you find it hard to do it on your own then consider hiring experts from Multum Tech. The company has impeccable IT support services.