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Multum Tech’s data migration services make it easier for small to medium businesses in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to achieve smooth, safe, secure data migration process, from strategy to development.


Data migration can be a risky plan to undertake but is most definitely a vital part of any business that involves change. The need to migrate data happens all the time, whether due to storage updates, vendor changes or storage transformation projects, so its important that businesses are sure about their chosen solution provider. With Multum Tech migrations services, you get the skill set, experience, resources, mindset and proven strategy and methodology required to move your business functions.

With decades of experience in the tech industry, we can ensure that our data migration services Sunshine Coast and Brisbane can help your business smoothly transfer large data volume from an old system to a new one. Multum Tech’s IT migration experts have the experience executing data migration from legacy applications to cloud, from legacy enterprise platforms to modernised or new solutions, from distinct systems to a unified database.

Below are the major types of migration services we offer. However, if you have any specific needs, our Sunshine Coast and Brisbane IT advisors will help identify your challenges and offer comprehensive data migration consulting, strategy and advise.


At Multum Tech, our goal is to help you optimise your technology’s infrastructure while supporting your business operations through our Cloud migration services. We understand that with the drastic technology improvements made over the last decade, businesses must keep up with the demands of their industry to stay competitive and efficient. Before we recommend and propose a cloud migration plan to your business, we first seek to understand the goals and objectives of your business. Every business is different, and we tailor our cloud solutions to yours, migrating at a pace that will smoothly suit your day-to-day operations.

From deciding whether a Cloud solution is right for your business, to migration and designing a secure Cloud solution, our IT migration specialist can help you make the right decisions.

Cloud Migration Multum Tech
In-House Migration Multum Tech


When it comes to delivering effective, reliable IT solutions, Multum Tech is the company that small and medium businesses trust. Based in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, we understand that having an in-house migration service gives you physical control over your backup. It also keeps critical data in-house with no third-party access to your information.

That’s why our expert data migration Sunshine Coast and Brisbane can help you safely and smoothly migrate your data from in-house server to another in-house server or in-house server to cloud and vice versa.

Another option is to have a hybrid server model that gives businesses strong data security and a mix of both worlds – physical server and cloud server. Choosing an in-house, cloud, or hybrid solution is mostly determined by the operations, goals, and capabilities of the business. Either way – in house, cloud, or hybrid, Multum Tech can help you determine the right set up to meet your specific business needs.


Multum Tech is a Microsoft Partner, and we specialise in Microsoft 365 migrations. Our Sunshine Coast tech experts will listen to your tech needs and will help you choose the right migration plan for your business. We will then discuss the migration requirements for the email and/or files migration, build a plan and then execute.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Our Microsoft 365 migration process will move your email, calendar and contacts from any email system into Microsoft’s Secure Cloud Hosted Platform smoothly and securely. The Microsoft 365 migration will all take place behind the scenes meaning you and your company can continue working while your email migration happens.

Migration of your email and files to SharePoint or OneDrive for businesses is a great way to ensure that files can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Our Microsoft 365 experts will help you move your files from their existing file shares, document management environments (including SharePoint) or existing SharePoint and OneDrive environments. We make sure to an assessment first on the existing data storage, provide a report, build a plan, then migrate the files as required.

With us on taking care of your email and file migration, you can have a peace of mind that your business is in expert hands.

Email and File Migration


As one of the leading data migration services in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, we have enabled hundreds of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane businesses to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Data Integrity – We work with your departments and project stakeholders to verify how to make your data consistent, structured and organised.
  • Reduced Costs – Organised and high-quality data positively impacts various business areas and reduces costs for operations. We offer consultation on data migration and provides a thorough strategy for your migration project.
  • Improvised decision-making – With quality and organised data at your disposal, you can make decision faster, create data-driven reports, and improve decision-making in your organisation. Multum Tech is here to help you migrate your data smoothly.
  • Digital Transformation – You can bring your business to the next level and gain competitive edge with the latest data management and storage technologies in place.

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What Our Clients Say

“We have been using the services of Multum Tech for a number of years and have always found them to be very responsive to our needs. They talk in a language that can be understood and they always persist to solve any issues as they arise.”

– Scott Weeks, PFG Financial Services




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