IT Support for Financial Services

The importance of having a trusted IT provider for your financial business, is to ensure you have someone accountable for the security and functionality of the applications you rely on day-to-day.


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Challenges in the Australian Financial Sector

Over the years we’ve seen significant change come about in the financial sector due to Government reforms, the increasing risk of cybercrime focused at financial businesses, continued use of legacy IT software systems and the increased compliance requirements, which have been particularly difficult for smaller financial firms to maintain.

Other changes in recent times have been around data sovereignty, which means keeping your clients data stored within Australia data centres. This guarantees Australian information and privacy laws can be enforced.

Down time is another concern for many financial businesses. Moving to the cloud can alleviate many of these concerns however designing redundancy into your data communications network is vital.

We have seen delayed adoption of new technologies in more established financial companies due to lack of understanding and perceived risk. In smaller financial businesses, this is less of a factor as they’re able to pivot faster due to owners coming from a more tech savvy background.

IT Support for Financial Services

Our Financial IT Support Services for Australia

Your financial business is going to have its own unique requirements which is why we start by having a discussion on what’s most important to you, and what IT and risk management systems are currently in place. We can then develop a plan to ensure that your systems adhere to AFS, CPA, APES, ASIC and other such industry requirements.

The plan we develop will also incorporate the Essential 8 Framework and compliance with your Cyber Security Insurance policy which help to reduce your premiums.

At Multum Tech we take security very seriously and as such developed a suite of tools that go beyond scanning for virus. We use advanced scanning engines to analyse behaviour of an application, user, or device, looking for behaviour consistent with cybercrime. It will block, disable and recover the actions without downtime.

Cyber Security is a 24x7x365 practise and as such the systems we implement are constantly learning and improving their ability to protect your data and business. We supplement these technologies with manual audits and checks to make sure you have the most secure IT system available.

A weak point for many financial businesses, is the use of outdated software which stores highly sensitive client data. These systems have not kept pace with security technologies such as two factor authentication, pass keys and encryption methods that are considered essential to minimising the risk to your business. We have assisted all of the financial clients migrate from archaic systems to both cloud based and new server software, ensuring they have the security and back up in place.

We have also provided our free policy templates that include:

It Disaster

Computer Use

It Incident

Information Asset


Data Backup and

Data Retention and

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Multum tech has the experience, passion, and track record to help our clients run the most secure reliable and function-rich IT systems available. We have been helping clients for over 22 years, not just keep pace with IT developments, but to stay ahead of their competitors. The partnerships we have with our clients allows them to focus on what they do best, knowing that we’re there to guide them, support them and to work behind the scenes to protect them, because their success if our success.

Why Choose Multum for your Financial IT Support Services

We have over 22 years supporting the financial sector, so we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses that operate in the industry. We have developed customised cyber security and managed IT support solutions catered towards Accountants, Insurance Brokers, and Financial Planners.

A common misunderstanding is that cyber security is very expensive to implement, but it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, you can start small with a simple audit and a recommendations report that will bring your IT systems up to the ACSC Essential 8 Basic Maturity Level One. However we also have the capacity to perform an in depth audit and implementation plan so you can achieve the highest Maturity Level Three.

IT Support For Financial Services

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