Microsoft 365 Solutions

What is Microsoft 365?

Imagine taking programs like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel, and making them accessible to all your employees anywhere they are - all they need is an internet connection. No more USB drives, lost files, or remote connections when working from home - with Microsoft 365, businesses can now be more productive than ever.

Video conferencing, email, document storage, collaboration tools, and traditional Microsoft programs are all available in one cloud-based, secure platform with Microsoft 365. It’s a game-changer for businesses with multiple locations, or staff who often work remotely.

Why 365?

If you:

  • are sick of losing files
  • find your current mailbox size is too small
  • need access to your emails, project files, contacts and calendars both in the office and on the road
  • need to improve collaboration between your teams
  • want a document sharing solution that doesn’t clutter mailboxes, and lets you share with both staff members and external clients
  • are looking for enterprise grade security (without the enterprise grade price tag!)

...then Microsoft 365 is the one-stop shop solution for you.

Migrate to 365 - securely

Microsoft 365 is hosted from Microsoft’s data centers around Australia. These data centers have been built from the ground up to protect services and data from harm by natural disaster, environmental threats and unauthorized access.

Using the latest enterprise grade security including Multi-Factor Authentication, Data Encryption and Biometric Scanners you'll have peace of mind knowing your business data will always be safe and secure.

Microsoft has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring you can access your data at anytime from anywhere.

We help businesses across Australia migrate to the cloud and gain the competitive edge with Microsoft 365. Efficient, easy, and effortless - we’ll show you how.

What’s next?

See how your productivity and business can approve - click here to get started with a free 30 day no obligation trial of Microsoft 365. Or fill out the contact form below to learn more about making the move to the Microsoft cloud.

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