As a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) serving small to medium-sized businesses across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Gold Coast, we understand the critical role technology plays in your operations. From network security to cloud infrastructure, our goal is to empower your business with reliable IT solutions. Today, we’re excited to introduce a game-changer that’s already making waves in the business world: Microsoft CoPilot.

Why CoPilot?

GPT-4 Unleashed: Shaping Tomorrow

At Multum Tech, we thrive on anticipating what’s next. That’s why we’ve seamlessly integrated CoPilot—a platform that taps into the remarkable abilities of GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced language model. Unlike its predecessor ChatGPT, which depends on GPT-3.5-turbo, CoPilot grants you direct access to the cutting-edge GPT-4. Brace yourself for even more precise responses, deeper context comprehension, and enhanced problem-solving capabilities.

CoPilot and Microsoft Edge: A Unified Experience

CoPilot effortlessly melds with Microsoft Edge, seamlessly extending your browsing journey. Picture having an AI chatbot at your fingertips as you explore web content or seek answers. Whether you’re unravelling a technical glitch or diving into industry trends, CoPilot ensures a streamlined workflow for your team.

Amplified Collaboration and Seamless Sharing

In the dynamic business landscape, collaboration reigns supreme. While ChatGPT provides a self-contained app experience, CoPilot elevates the game. Picture this: you can effortlessly share entire conversations with your colleagues, fostering collaborative problem-solving. Whether it’s dissecting a client’s query or sparking a virtual brainstorming session, CoPilot ensures a fluid workflow—right within your browser.

CoPilot and DALL·E: Crafting Visual Magic

In the realm of image generation, both CoPilot and ChatGPT wield the power of DALL·E—an AI model that conjures visual wonders from mere text. However, CoPilot takes it up a notch by harnessing the enhanced image generation prowess of GPT-4. No matter if you’re designing marketing graphics or bringing abstract concepts to life, CoPilot has your back.

CoPilot’s Usage Limits and Cost Structure

Microsoft Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat for Enterprise) is included in Microsoft Business Licensing. It is a powerful AI tool designed to enhance productivity and creativity within an organization. It is available at no additional cost with eligible Microsoft 365 licenses. This version of Copilot integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 services, providing AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection. It ensures that user and business data are protected and will not leak outside the organisation.

Expert Tips for Maximising CoPilot for Enterprise

  1. Detailed Prompts Generate Better Results: Be specific in your prompts; instead of asking, “Write an article on XYZ,” try “As a manager of an accounting practice, I would like to write an article on capital gains tax to explain to non-financial individuals the pros and cons, I would like at least 5 pros and 5 cons, use UK English and spelling.” The more context you give, the more accurate CoPilot’s response will be.
  2. Customise Your Responses: Use the customise feature to fine-tune CoPilot’s tone and style. Whether you want a professional tone or a friendly one, adjust it to match your business’ voice.
  3. Leverage Predefined Tools: CoPilot has internal tools (yes, we have our secrets too!) that enhance its capabilities. For example, it can describe images, summarise content, and even generate code snippets. Explore these tools—they’re your hidden allies.
  4. Feedback Matters: If CoPilot provides an inaccurate answer, give feedback. It learns from its mistakes, and your input helps improve its performance over time.
  5. Security First: While CoPilot is powerful, avoid sharing sensitive information. Treat it like any other communication tool—don’t divulge confidential details.

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