Are you a Brisbane or Sunshine Coast based entrepreneur looking for managed services? You should because managed IT is a trend among many small organisations hoping to benefit from a myriad of advantages it has to offer. Thanks to technology, these can be accessed virtually from just about anywhere around the world. While established international managed IT firms may have a greater appeal due to a global customer coverage, in this article, we want to shift the attention to local managed service providers. As a small business owner, you stand to win more when you opt to limit your search for managed IT support locally and here’s why.

  1. Customer service with a personal touch

In a digital era, deals can be initiated and closed virtually backed by calls, emails and credit cards alone. Customers can highlight their needs, get into contracts and have their problems addressed electronically without having to set foot in any office. That notwithstanding, nothing beats a personalised face experience. There’s a greater degree of confidence and a sense of trust in a firm that you can actually walk in to, discuss with professionals on a on one basis and create a business relationship with. Such personal experiences are only possible when you choose a managed IT support Brisbane company as opposed to an international name which probably doesn’t even have a regional office.

  1. Swift responses

One of the major reasons why businesses choose to get managed IT support is to minimise downtime. Issues can normally be solved via just a phone call. Unfortunately, this simple act of calling can turn out into real frustration when you have to be put on hold for ages, transferred several times before you can actually get to the right personnel. This is common with international help desks. Though rarely does a technician have to come down to the ground to rectify issues, if they have to, the wait is even worse and may take days at the very least. This is a lot of downtime you were actually trying to avoid in the first place. With a local provider, not only is communication direct, the response for a physical visit by tech experts is just as quick since the offices are within close proximity.

  1. Customised packages at affordable rates

Due to hosting a trail of multinational corporations over and beyond national borders, big managed IT companies tend to have pretty rigid packages. With such huge numbers to serve, it may be impossible to compound something customised for individual clients most especially small businesses. However, when it comes to IT there’s really no ‘one size fits all’ kind of service. Every business entity has distinct needs and unique challenges. When you consult a local managed service provider who understands the Brisbane economy, industry trends and business community, they will design something tailor made for your specific needs which could actually cost less. Also, local firms tend to give services at more affordable fees than their worldwide counterparts because your already existing infrastructure can be utilised.

  1. Uplifting the local economy

Last but not least, it always feels great to know that you are investing back home. By purchasing managed IT support Brisbane or Sunshine Coast services, you are building the local economy.

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