Time is a fundamental aspect of the construction industry. You can’t afford to waste more time with employee communication breakdown, unreliable network, and incompatible software when contracts are online. That is where Multum Tech IT for Construction Industry services come in.

We understand the challenges your construction company is facing. Your supervisors, sales team, and estimators require to access their computer tools 24/7. Computer-aided design (CAD), estimating, and other software must be incorporated properly. Your network must also have uptime maintenance.

Because we understand how construction company works, we at Multum Tech we can provide necessary solutions for all areas of the construction industry, comprising- project management, development, and general contracting.

We provide various IT services for construction industry, which your business can benefit from:

Reliable help and support

The support and assistance you need are always at your fingertips. We are here to help and support you with a technology problem, whether you need your questions answered or bounce ideas off a professional.


Your company’s security is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we provide proactive and advanced cybersecurity solutions. We can assess and examine your system for prospective vulnerabilities. We can shore up system weaknesses to ensure you and your data are incredibly safe.

Cloud Computing services

Cloud computing has a strong appeal to your construction business. Your workers will need access to company data to give timely decision-making ability while working in the field. Our cloud computing services give you the freedom and easy access to information from your location. Cloud computing services saves you money and scales with you as your construction business grow.

Business Continuity and Data Backup

Allow Multum Tech to keep and maintain your construction company business online at all times. Mother nature doesn’t play nicely when accidents happen. We also provide excellent solutions for internet-based telephone systems.

Vendor Management

It can take an excessive amount of time to contact IT suppliers. Worry no more; we can take the hassle of dealing with your software and hardware suppliers. Most of our  Brisbane & Sunshine Coast clients depend on us to deliver hardware and software solutions. You can count on us to deliver your supplies.

Most of our IT services for the construction industry can be provided either as a standalone or package services as required by your construction business. We understand all the technology tools that your construction company relies on daily. Ultimately, Multum Tech can take your IT worries off your shoulder and allow you to focus on growing and running your business.

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