When David Tape, the Executive Director of Qld Bus Industry Council invited Multum Tech to talk about Cyber Security at the 2023 annual conference in Cairns we were deeply honoured.

QLD Bus Industry Council (QBIC)

It’s great to work for a company like QBIC that looks after their members and has a vested interest in their success. Being part of the conference was the perfect opportunity to get some real feedback from QBIC members about their Cyber Security concerns and how they’re addressing it in their business. So, both Andrew McDonnell our CEO and Josh Carr our General Manager hopped on a flight to Cairns a few days before the presentation to make sure we had a chance to meet the members.

Golf Day

We were fortunate to be invited to the conference golf day, where despite our lacklustre performance on the golf course we managed to meet a lot of people and gained some valuable insight for our presentation.

Cyber Security Presentation

To kick off the presentation, Multum Tech shed light on the concept of cybersecurity, explaining its wide scope and relevance in today’s interconnected world. Attendees gained valuable knowledge regarding the principles and practices that lay the groundwork for effective cybersecurity measures. With a keen focus on staying ahead of the latest trends, the session highlighted the sophisticated techniques employed by hackers in 2023, unveiling the ever-evolving strategies they employ to breach systems and compromise sensitive information.

In response to the dynamic threat landscape, Multum Tech provided practical recommendations to fortify cybersecurity defenses. Attendees learned about changes they could implement to safeguard their digital assets, such as implementing robust passwords, regularly updating software and security patches, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness through employee training. By equipping individuals and organisations with these proactive measures, Multum Tech aimed to bolster their resilience and minimise the risk of successful cyberattacks.

Gala Dinner

Later that night we attended the gala dinner where the Industry recognised the contributions and achievements of industry members and individuals. Plus we also got to acknowledge the dedication David Tape has given the industry over the years and wished him well in retirement

It was an amazing few days of meeting new faces, hearing stories of success and having lots of laughs. The main takeaway we got from the conference was a lot of members understood there was a problem, but they weren’t quite sure how to address it.

Multum Tech will be presenting their cyber security talk “The Elephant in the Room” at upcoming local Chamber of Commerce events so keep an eye out for that.

If you’re unsure what, or if you need to do anything to protect your data please contact Multum Tech on 1800 685 886 or solutions@multum.com.au.

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