Combining the tools that Microsoft is famous for and a host of other features and connectivity benefits, Microsoft Office 365 is the must-have package for businesses that want to seamlessly improve communication, collaboration and productivity.

Purpose-built for businesses, Office 365 is the only solution you need to simplify your IT management across the board. The suite is packed full of features – so let’s take a look at what’s included and how it will make running your business easier.


Office 365 Features

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Microsoft’s world-class programs make creating and collaborating easier than ever before. Employees can work remotely on the same document or spreadsheet so being ‘out of office’ never needs to be an issue again. What’s more, if there’s no internet connection available you can work offline and sync your work when you next have a connection – making downtime a minimum, even while travelling. Collaboration doesn’t need to be limited to your employees either – Office 365 enables you to easily communicate with your suppliers and customers too.

With a whole host of essential features, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the gold standard for businesses of all sizes – and they are just one aspect of the incredible Office 365 suite.

Email and Calendars

Another flagship tool of Microsoft, Outlook is a powerful email tool that combines essential features with simple functionality and state-of-the-art security. Keeping your employees connected and informed has never been easier; with shared calendars, event scheduling and much more, everyone is on the same page.

Powerful Security

We all know that cyber security is more important than ever and the Office 365 suite provides your business with an extra layer of security for added peace of mind. All devices included in the subscription will benefit from powerful security, automatic updates and protection from malware, spyware, viruses and phishing attempts.

Data Protection

Your business’ data is critical and Microsoft understand that, which is why data on all devices in the suite – whether personal or professional – will benefit from world-class protection to keep that all important data safe and secure.

Massive Storage

Each Office 365 subscription includes 1TB of cloud storage as standard, so there’s no need to worry about storing your documents, spreadsheets and other essential information. Being in the cloud, documents are accessible anywhere at anytime so if you have a lightbulb moment, your files are within easy reach.

Service and Administration

Adding devices to the subscription and managing them all in one place is incredibly simple. As you would expect, Microsoft guarantee 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support, providing reliability your business can depend on.

At Multum Tech, our Office 365 services are hosted in our state-of-the-art data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. They have been specifically designed to protect your data and services from unauthorized access and withstand damage from natural disaster or environmental threats. Your business has never been in safer hands.

Countless other businesses use and rely on Office 365 to propel their business forward and improve their working environment. Why not join them?

Choosing Office 365 with Multum Tech

We understand that the idea of migrating from your existing software and services to a new platform can be daunting, which is why we have skilled project managers on hand to make the move as seamless and stress-free as possible. We have extensive experience of handling all kinds of migrations and with our specialists on hand you only need to worry about reaping the benefits of the amazing features that Office 365 offers.

Whether you’re a small startup, SME or enterprise, contact Multum Tech today to learn more about how you can simplify and improve your business management with Office 365.

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