While nbn is the fastest internet connection available in Australia, there are still factors that can slow it down. Luckily that means there are things you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your nbn connection too. First let’s take a quick look at the different speeds available through the nbn:

nbn tiers

The nbn has several tiers available to suit different internet users, from casual browsers to high demanding businesses. These tiers are available to phone and internet providers, who will then create packages to suit different users. Here’s a quick guide to the different tiers available on the nbn:
12Mbps: this is likely similar to what you already get through an ASDL2 connection.
25Mbps: this will suit casual browsers that don’t have high demands for their internet, such as downloading video or large files.
50Mbps: for those that work from home or require greater bandwidth to download and upload data, this tier will work perfectly.
100Mbps: the fastest nbn connection speed available. Ideal for businesses and households where there are lots of people actively online at the same time, downloading and uploading data.

Factors That Affect Your Internet Speed

The time of day – more people go online at certain times of day, usually in the evening and at weekends. At these times, your internet speed may be slower than usual due to the sheer demand.
Other connected devices and their usage – if there are several people in your home all using the internet at the same time, your internet speeds will understandably suffer. Activities like downloading or streaming will media are very demanding on bandwidth so these in particular will have an impact on your overall broadband speed.
Your modem – older modems may run slower than newer models. The positioning of your modem also affects the strength of your signal. Thick walls, microwaves, ovens, TVs, hot water systems and even fish tanks all affect your Wi-Fi signal, so try moving your modem about to see the difference it makes.
Your internet provider – internet providers shape their network and handle congestion differently. For example, some providers use traffic prioritisation, which means those that pay more for faster speed will be given priority than those on lower tariffs.

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